Marantz CD 67 CD-player

This model was released by the company to replace the CD 63. In this player everything is familiar and recognizable - from the color of the indicator, the brightness of which can be adjusted with the remote (four levels of brightness), and the front panel buttons to the simultaneous remote volume control (up to -30 dB) on the line output and headphones, which level is very clearly displayed as two strips of 24 segments, replacing the time adjustment digitized scale music calendar. Of course, a system remote control of the CD player is possible when working with other Marantz units via bus, for which their connection by control cables must be implemented and the switch on the rear panel of the player is set to external control mode. A large set of additional functions allows for simple and clear control, and at the same time the buttons of some modes, which are more logical to switch on while sitting in the armchair, are only available on the remote control: all variants of repeat, shuffle and volume control. In terms of connectivity, the CD 67 surpassed all. In addition to the pair of gold-plated connectors for analog output, another one is added for coaxial digital, and there is also an optical output (IbsLink). No other player has such abundance Since the CD 67 is essentially an upgraded version of the previous model, the expected sound quality is confirmed. Like its predecessor, this player plays any music well, but it is especially on a short footing, in our opinion, with music played on traditional acoustic instruments.

Marantz CD 67 CD-player photo