Marantz CD-53 mkII CD-player

This model is one of legends of the company. Surely it is not so popular like CD-63 but was produced in several series, and now finally there is mk II. A calling message "diSC" appears immediately after turning on: why did you turn on but didn't give a disc? There is such spelling because the segments of indication, which were used for it, show the following time at normal work. Very memorable by color and bright glow of indication, peculiar to all Marantz models, in this model is regulated by the remote control (it has not even two, like in some others, but four levels of brightness) in such way that you can install the wanted one and corresponding to the brightness of indicators in other your devices. Although a traditional volume control level handle is upset, you can install a signal level on lineal output and at the same time on the headphones output with a help of the remote control. Displaying of the regulation process is the most vivid in the group of examiners and is made in the form of two lines divided into 24 segments which turn on for a time instead of music calendar. At the first turning on the highest volume is always installed, and then it can be decreased by steps of a little more than 1dB up to level of -30dB. Distant control can be also realized by firmed system bus D-Bus at work with other Marantz blocks, but before this a command cable should be connected and the switcher on the back panel should be installed in the mode of external control. The player has a big set of additional functions, which makes the control over it simple and easy. The impression from the quality of musical compositions playback doesn't give the reasons to doubt in the experience of the producer.

Marantz CD-53 mkII CD-player photo