Yamaha AX-592 Amplifier

Yamaha stereo amplifiers always carry the stamp of a long tradition. This is manifested both in the details of the exterior that are dear to the heart, and in the internal solidity that is mandatory for the product of the company. In the AX-592, specific amplifying functions are presented in a set that is well above average. Not only is there a record selector, adjustable loudness, and even a switchable phono input (MM or MC), but there are also two DIRECT mode options. The first and clear PURE DIRECT connects any source, bypassing the tone block, loudness control, Subsonic filter and preamp output connectors - power amplifier input. In the second one, switched on by a separate CD DIRECT button, it is possible to listen only to the CD player, so signals from other sources are not available until you exit this mode. Record lovers who add a turntable to this amplifier will also have the opportunity, unique in modern times, to control its launch from the amplifier's console.

Almost from the first chords of the sound of the Yamaha AX-592 one can guess the indomitable energy, the strength of the epic hero. Freely, as if playfully, he takes on large loads of powerful basses of electronic rock and fortissimo of a symphony orchestra, and by the ease with which he does this, one can feel a solid reserve of his power. He likes to show his valiant prowess, but there is more cheerful enthusiasm in her than arrogant arrogance. This is not to say that the amplifier does not have any effect on the sound. Renders. But what is it? His influence is similar to the actions of a skilled commander on the battlefield, who is not visible, but well-thought-out leadership is noticeable by the synchronism of the actions of the troops, the clarity of their formation and tactical maneuvers. However, sometimes the generosity of a mighty hero makes him tame his strength so as not to harm anyone - and the sound of nimble basses seems not elastic enough. At the same time, low frequencies do not lose their expressiveness, but acquire a soft density.

Price: $420
Yamaha AX-592 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 110 Watts into 8 ohms