Yamaha AX-470 Amplifier

The amplifier has six inputs. Two inputs are intended for tape recorder and pick-up with moving magnet (MM). Tone, balance and volume compensation controls can be turned off by pressing "Pure Direct". The amplifier can work with two speakers' pairs. The terminals for cable connection give the opportunity of accessing Cinch connectors (RCA) and other cables of no more than 10 mm in diameter. There are the terminals for connecting another three signal sources on the back panel.

Yamaha CDX-670 and Philips CD 608 were used at the test. The sound in both cases was satisfactory. While using Pure Direct function, the signal noticeably depurates, becoming brighter and more distinct. I used the heads of Tesla VM 2103 and Sliure VST V for the evaluation of Yamaha sound quality. At turning off tone controls the sound becomes "flat". You can achieve a specific improvement of the sound by installing high frequency regulator at maximum.

Nominal output power of 75W and the highest power of 110W, which is quite enough for sounding of even big rooms, are both of some interest. I can vouch for the authenticity of these readings.

Yamaha AX-470 is a high-qualitative, universal amplifier with wide functional possibilities. If you are not the admirer of analogue gramophone records I recommend you to buy this model.

Yamaha AX-470 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 75 Watts into 8 ohms