Marantz SR370 AV-receiver

This device is exceptionally beautiful and solidly made. I want straight note the availability of front AV-input in this receiver. The remote control is very ergonomic and handy due to quite rational layout of control buttons by functional zones. All current and service information is displayed on a visual multi-color indicator. Everything is very well and clearly. Spring clips for the connection of front channel's loudspeakers really surprised us. Such clips, as everybody knows, doesn't provide the required in audio equipment of high class reliability of connection acoustic cable to the amplifier and, besides that, they are used for the connection of low-power loading (up to 50W). So, their use in such a solid device, moreover in light of its quite big output power of front amplifiers (2x80W!), looks very strange. The receiver's construction could have been admitted as excellent except for these spring clips.

First, we tested the receiver for its direct purpose - on the quality of broadcast's reception in FM range. The tuner is very sophisticated including RDS system. However, it should be mentioned that RDS can be activated only from the front panel and can't be with the remote control. It is pleasant that the receiver comments all the actions with corresponding inscriptions in alphameric form. You can do the setting on the frequency of receiving FM radio stations in two ways: in fine control mode or by direct frequency setting of receiving station. It is useful if you know the frequency schedule of broadcasting stations. The reception of programs in FM range was quite high qualitative considering the fact that it was carried out on the supplied inside antenna (pigtail with connector) like the closest reception to real conditions of exploitation. The sound was clear with good tone balance and stereo channel separation, but a bit simplistic in the part of dynamics transmission of music. But here, probably, the matter is in the compression of radio programs already in the radio station. The sensitivity of the receiver is quite high, at least it confidently took most programs inside ferroconcrete building. The quality of reception in AM range pleased also bythe clarity of sound and for the most of stations it was noticeable much better than in other models. Even with zero tones the sound of SR370 was perfectly balanced in the mode of stereo amplifier. At the same time even digital recordings DDD was played without excessive digital sharpness and sounded almost like from analog source. In general, it is felt that the receiver here is made in the best customs of the company. The turning on spatial modes made the sound much more interesting. Marantz sounded especially charming in 3D mode when the loudspeaker of central channel was connected to front speakers. Let's us mention in brief the salient features of receiver's sound in other modes. It also sounded quite impressive in Dolby Pro Logic but slightly exaggerated. There was very much air in Hall mode, but the sound in 3D was still better. By the way, at turning on different modes the corresponding inscriptions in large English letters appeared on the receiver's display. Sound picture created by the receiver in home theatre mode just amazed by its three-dimensionality and volume. The atmosphere of tropical forest from test Video-Cd was transmitted exclusively accurately. The sound ambience and localization of individual sound sources are impeccable. The sound was high qualitative in all operating modes of the decoder. The translator's voice was clearly localized near front speaker and he (the translator) almost materialized in the listening room. In Hall mode, although the atmosphere of tropical forest was played more effectively, the translator was "smeared" into two front speakers and its voice was accompanied by noticeable and unnatural echo. And finally, in Hall mode the background noise was bigger than in other modes.

Marantz SR370 AV-receiver photo