Marantz SR4600 AV-receiver

A noble minimalism of Marantz SR4600 receiver makes you think that here is a very expensive device. Unusual highlighting adds charm to the facade; unfortunately, the set of frontal inputs was sacrificed to the beauty. You get the impression that the designer worked over the back panel too, because all the ports are dignified and fine. The terminals are organized great, their coloring significantly simplifies switching works. A lot of attention was paid to interaction with other components - there is the branded D.Bus bus and the possibility to work as part of multi-channel system.

Any audiophile will recognize the sound of SR4600 from thousands. Yes, this is Marantz with all nuances, which someone likes and someone not. We are firstly interested in its theatrical abilities - after all, not a stereo amplifier is under test. A special style, typical for sound of the company's products, undoubtedly presents here, but sometimes you feel certain, almost not noticeable to the ear limits of dynamical range. Is it the disadvantage? Probably it's not. Marantz specialists preferred accurate transfer of sound nuances, which many will only appreciate, to unlimited drive. Because not everyone watches only action movies, and this receiver plays small details best of all - it conveys it with accuracy, not available for less expensive devices. This is one of the most musical receivers, so we recommend it, first of all, to the lovers of concert recordings on DVD.

Marantz SR4600 AV-receiver photo