Acoustic Energy AE109 Floor standing speakers

To its 30th anniversary Acoustic Energy decided to release several iconic products, symbolizing the commitment to the glorious Hi-Fi traditions. AE1 Active, active version of the legendary AE1 monitors, had become the first such symbol, then, the series AE100, hit of sales in the mid-nineties, was revived. It inspired to create four modern speaker systems - shelf AE100, floor AE109, central channel loudspeaker AE107 and active sub AE108. It was long and thoughtful work in order to save not only the branded sound, but to surpass the previous result, particularly, to achieve big sound with compact sizes and affordable price.

Acoustic Energy AE109 has a body height of 80 cm, and the caliber of mid-woofer drivers is only 4 inches. At the same time, the input power can reach 150W and maximal sound pressure - 113 dB. New construction of drivers with the reinforced magnetic system and suspensions, designed for greater shifts of lightweight paper diffusers, has radically reduced distortions at any loudness. Cone-shaped dustproof caps are phase-equalizing elements. The lower segment works in bass-reflex design with the slotted port along full width of the rear wall. With such an airway area, the speed of stream is very low, so turbulent side-tones are absent.

Ring tweeter with a soft dome of 28 mm in the caliber has WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology ) design - the improved variant of previous DXT (Diffraction Expansion Technology) construction, being used in expensive Reference line. Wide Dispersion Technology means a short horn with a socket of special profile, which forms the desired polar pattern, keeping linearity of the frequency response up to 35 kHz, the upper border of the tweeter.

The body has an increased rigidity and inertia - the walls of AE109 are narrow, made of 18-mm MDF. In the lower part there is the compartment for ballast, for which in the lower part of the body there is the hole, closed by a stopper. This chamber is filled at the factory with metal shavings, due to which a solid mass of 17,5 kg is achieved. Spikes with locknuts are included in the kit.

Acoustic Energy AE109 is produced with black matte coating and in vinyl film, imitating walnut veneer. Light fabric grills are mounted on magnets. Finish and build quality is brilliant.

Externally, the columns are not outstanding - you put them in a room and some time later you just stop noticing them. Until you want to listen to music.

A compact body not only reduces the cost of systems, but also allowed achieving fusion of the sound, being characteristic for shelf monitors. In the result we have the filigree construction of the sound stage with quite adult dynamics and confident lower register. Modest caliber of the drivers caused an instant reaction to sharp sound contrasts and the energy is provided by total area of the pair of diffusers. The lack of color and side-tones at any volume is the merit of the rigid body and bass-reflex of special design.

By general impression, Acoustic Energy AE109 is inexpensive system, but surprisingly correct. It is not indifferent and embellishes nothing. Musical balance at low and high volumes is almost ideal. Vocal, timbres of the instruments, surrounding atmosphere - the ear catch no simplifications or excess accents. Great sense of the rhythm, three-dimensional stage. You can start to build your system from these loudspeakers, choosing for them other components - this will the most direct way to real Hi-Fi sound.

Acoustic Energy AE109 Floor standing speakers photo