Acoustic Energy 305 Floor standing speakers

Acoustic Energy 305 are made in an elegant, laconic manner that goes well with modern interiors. The bodies are assembled from 18-mm MDF plates with an inclined front panel, which reduce unwanted internal distortions. Bass-reflex with a slotted port on the front panel is used as acoustic design.

From a technical point of view Acoustic Energy 305 are typical three-way systems, built on the self-engineered drivers. Lower part of the range is sounded by a pair of 110-mm drivers with the diffusers made of anodized aluminum. The head of the same caliber answers for the middle and higher in spectrum the torch is taken up by an original tweeter with 28-mm fabric dome. Due to damping coating of the membrane and powerful magnetic system it works linearly up to 32 kHz. Tonal balance of Acoustic Energy 305 is slightly shifted into bottom area, but at high volume this can shade MIDs. Meanwhile, the speaker systems show an excellent striking power - attack is extremely convincing, speed qualities are good in the area of midbass. Dynamical characteristics are also at high level. Upper case does not suffer from sharpness or propensity to blur details at all. The tweeter produces sparkling discants. The stage is slightly reduced in size, but keeps correct proportions. Localization of imaginary sources is quite accurate at the edges, but the images are focused best in the center of panorama.

Acoustic Energy 305 Floor standing speakers photo