Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 Floor standing speakers

Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 has a three-way construction with back bass-reflex. It is assembled in a relatively small by volume body with a special antiresonant profile and the system of internal ribs. LF spectrum is sounded by a pair of the branded 16-cm drivers with the diffusers made of pressed aluminum. MF unit with the diameter of 130 mm is made of the same material. Tweeter's caliber is 25 mm. It has a ring diaphragm made of silk and neodymium magnetic system and it is enclosed into an original DXT waveguide.

The sound of the English pair is harmonious and perfectly coordinated in registers. Low frequencies are played very accurately and correctly structurally - rhythmic base of phonograms differs by extreme purity. The range of MIDs is moderately accurate, but in some cases you can note a slight decrease of harmonic resolution and hiding of semitones. Upper range seemed to be a bit accented. Probably due to this reason, sibilants are sometimes noticeable at female voice, which are given some lightness to its sound.

Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 create a multi-layered sound painting, but foreground is slightly pulled to the listener. However, the sound stage itself is correct proportionally; localization of the sources doesn't also cause special claims.

Dynamical capabilities of the speaker systems surprised very pleasantly, more than sufficient for adequate playback of any musical genres.

Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 Floor standing speakers photo