Acoustic Energy Neo 3 v2 Floor standing speakers

Acoustic Energy Neo 3 v2 model is a medium-sized loudspeaker designed for small spaces. The loudspeakers have a 2.5-way configuration with the cutoff frequency of 200 and 3500 Hz. The lower part of the working spectrum is reproduced by a pair of branded 130-mm drivers with diffusers made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The upper register is reproduced by an inch tweeter with an annular tissue membrane. The advantages are extended frequency range, high resolution and overload capacity.

The cases are made of solid 15-mm MDF and reinforced with internal spacers. In addition, in the lower part there is a compartment for backfilling ballast - an effective method to reduce audible resonances. Bass reflex port is located on the back wall.

Analyzing the playback of this pair, we note a clear and extremely collected bass, which is characterized by excellent rate of fire. These advantages have become possible not only because of the lack of audible overtones of the case, but also thanks to a well-designed bass-reflex. Middle frequencies are distinguished by excellent sound resolution and accurate articulation, but with slightly lightened timbres. This feature is directly related to the increased activity of the tweeter, slightly bringing the overall tonal balance up. There were no special remarks to the dynamic qualities of Acoustic Energy Neo 3 v2, a noticeable compression occurs only at a deafening loudness. The sound stage is built almost exemplary. With the exact positioning of the loudspeakers relative to the listener, a full sense of the three-dimensionality of space arises.

Acoustic Energy Neo 3 v2 Floor standing speakers photo