Acoustic Energy Radiance 2 Floor standing speakers

Compact systems, designed for work in relatively small rooms, are a classical 2,5-way construction with bass-reflex design. The main loading is on a pair of self-engineered 130-mm heads with individual profile of the membrane. It is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy by the patented Pure Piston technology, which allows to get maximally linear bias even at high input power. A 38-mm fabric tweeter with neodymium magnetic system and annular membrane, being enclosed in a horn DXT waveguide, answers for high frequencies. Due to such construction, Acoustic Energy Radiance 2 can easily play frequencies up to 45 kHz.

Acoustic Energy Radiance 2 differ by sufficient for most genres macro-dynamics and distinctly elaborated bass. Its structure is carefully built, but for obvious reasons it saves us effort of waiting for too low frequencies. Midrange is perceived to be quite open, but not always with perfectly adjusted timbres - they smack of chill at times. In addition, MF are sometimes boomy as if they are shaded by other spectrums. The tonal balance itself is slightly lightened, firstly due to too diligent (but still very qualitative) work of tweeter. Sound stage is as follows: images are focused quite clearly at the edges, but in the middle there is some kind of rarefaction. Several frontal plans are confidently read in depth - the result is very laudable.

Acoustic Energy Radiance 2 Floor standing speakers photo