Infinity Kappa 70 Floor standing speakers

Kappa series by its appearance can be characterized as an improved variant of greatly sounding Delta series. Architecture style - trapezium in horizontal section of the body- and also the use of proprietary EMIT-R tweeters with flat and exceptionally lightweight membrane, the surface of which is spirally covered by sound coil, combine both series. Light movable system at moderate power will give low level of harmonics, but, on the other hand, it is dangerous to subject a thin wire to excessive overloads. Impressions from the listening to Infinity Kappa 70 give grounds to suppose that this system is "with an attitude', which is manifested in brightness, juiciness of high-frequency sound, abundance of "snowy' details from sonic entourage of cymbals, triangles, jazz brushes. Smooth, without defects middle calmly flows into deep bass. Perhaps, due to the fact that the speaker system increases attention to mid-high case of sound image, delicate basses seem to withdraw into the shadows. True mastery of Kappa 70 opens in classical works: symphonic orchestra gets inherent density of middle case with clearly defined details of strings sound. It was noted that sound does not lose airiness and, moreover, with protective-decorative mask the harmony of overall tonal balance only wins from slight sound camouflage. Freshness and air are saved, but this is already felt as a light aromatic flavor. Panorama is spectacularly close to a listener; there is no need to overly bother imagination, you are directly in the midst of sonic events. The dependence of image quality from volume level is almost absent.

Infinity Kappa 70 Floor standing speakers photo