Infinity Reference 41i Floor standing speakers

The Infinity Reference 41i is a three-way speaker system with a bass reflex port on the rear panel. A well-tailored, elegantly designed loudspeaker will appeal to a wide variety of audiences - from the aesthetic snob to the modest "hi-fi". For a floor system, it is very compact (595x270x300 mm), which will allow it to be painlessly placed in a small cozy room. It will not be lost in a large-scale interior. The dome of the high-frequency driver has a diameter of 37 mm, the middle part of the range is provided by a cone driver with a diameter of 155 mm, and the bass is provided by a 225 mm driver. And what is the result? The frequency response, as in a mirror, reflects the triumph of engineering and high technology over the stubbornness of unorganized matter. It can be stated with certainty that the system was clearly a success for its creators. The average unevenness of the characteristic is not more than ± 2 dB. The pairing of the ranges is impeccable. The upper limit frequency is about 25 kHz, the lower one is 45 Hz. A demanding critic would pay attention to the section of the curve from 50 to 100 Hz. I would say that the decline is too steep (13 dB per octave 140 Hz - 70 Hz), that the monotony is broken ... But we, supporters of reasonable approaches, will object: the marked muffled bass is a controversial consequence of these factors and, in any case, fixable with with the help of simple manipulations with the amplifier. But even the harshest critic will agree that the stereo effect is reliable over a wide range, and that the system has a high sensitivity of 91 dB. The characteristic of the input impedance module confirms the opinion about the high level of engineering and technical solutions embodied in the system. The nominal impedance of the speakers is 6 ohms ... and what is 6 ohms: the maximum impedance does not reach 10 ohms, and the minimum is a little more than 3 ohms, that is, the entire range of resistance spread is within 7 ohms. With such a load, the amplifier will easily overcome the hitch that has arisen in the low-frequency region. The phase inverter is set to a frequency of 45 Hz.

Infinity Reference 41i Floor standing speakers photo