Infinity Alpha 30 Floor standing speakers

Alpha 30 is an intermediate variety between Alpha 20 and the relentless Alpha 40 three-ranger. All Alpha systems have speakers with dual-layer membranes made from porous ceramic material, which is covered on the surface with aluminum foil (the proprietary Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm technology). The main advantage of these (very expensive) solutions is the ability to extend the frequency range in which the membrane retains the piston operating mode, which is especially important in the construction of two-range systems. In general, the floor-mounted Alpha 30 is in fact an Alpha 20 with increased acoustic design volume.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the sound of the taller pair retains all the advantages of the sound image of its shelf-mounted predecessor. The system has the voice of a well-schooled soloist. From the first tacts there is an excellent focusedness of the musical image. In this capacity, Alpha 30 has no rivals among the listed systems. A soft, but quite distinct and very musical bass fits well into the sound fabric. A spectrally and dynamically accurate transmission of sound relief can adequately display the wealth of features of playing almost any "natural" instrument, with the exception, perhaps, of very very low frequency one. Perhaps the voice of Alpha 30 has also a small high-frequency emphasis, but the skill with which the pair is working on a complex musical material speaks in favor of the validity of this approach. The acoustics allow us to distinguish even the weakest tonal shades both in a powerful and saturated audio stream, and in the quietest musical movements. The image of space turns out to be very natural. Concerning the Alpha 30, it seems appropriate to speak of "emotionality of the sound", referring to the ability of the system to adequately convey to the listener the creative energy of the performer in its completeness.

Alpha 30 is completely versatile, it can perfectly play any classical, jazz, rock piece... The pair can be listened to both in a small room and in a fairly spacious living room. For its price, it's a great solution for the construction of multi-channel systems of both theatrical and musical purpose.

Infinity Alpha 30 Floor standing speakers photo