Yamaha NS-9002 Floor standing speakers

The NS-9002 is part of the HT series - home theater speakers. However, despite its solid appearance, it occupies a junior position among the floorstanders in this series. The loudspeaker is made according to a three-way scheme, where one driver is assigned to each band. The bass-reflex horn is quite short and wide, brought to the rear wall. The tweeter combines a rigid metal dome and a soft textile surround. The ring in front of the dome, apparently, performs a phase equalizing function. The tweeter and midrange driver are located on a metal panel with a special profile, which helps to more evenly distribute the acoustic pressure in space.

The performance of the Yamaha NS-9002 speaker system on the music scene made a very pleasant impression due to its remarkable dynamic plasticity, sound freshness, and high clarity of spatial perspective. These qualities, as well as the generosity, lightness and freedom of the musical "gesture" make the flow of musical matter alive. Dryish, collected, rather deep bass is well integrated into the sound. The wide dynamic range includes the areas of micro- and macrodynamics. The tonal color is not neutral, but this does not spoil the impression. Compared to some other acoustic systems, the NS-9002 plays less accurately and strictly, nevertheless, the musical viability of the model is beyond doubt. Once again, we are convinced of Yamaha's ability to offer speakers with an attractive and expressive sound.

Yamaha NS-9002 Floor standing speakers photo