Goldenote reviews

Goldenote AP-7 Amplifier review
Amplifier Goldenote AP-7

The Italian amplifier belongs to the Micro Line series, which contains electronic components in a compact design. Goldenote AP-7 not only has a memorable appearance, but also embodies the original technical idea. The power supply unit has a hybrid design that combines the advantages of both traditional...
Goldenote Koala Tube CD-player review
CD-player Goldenote Koala Tube

Hand-built unit, successfully passed the test of time. In 2004, when the Italian audiobrend Akamai still bore the name Bluenote, the Florentine company came Luigi Ermine - a specialist in digital technology. He has designed for the entire family Koala player quite revolutionary stuffing - digital filter...
Goldenote S-1 Amplifier review
Amplifier Goldenote S-1

In the hierarchy of the Italian manufacturer Goldenote model S-1 refers to the primary level, but significant simplifications of circuitry is not supported though. The basis of the principle of the amplifier with dual mono completely identical left and right channels. Power supply contains two massive...