CD-player Goldenote Koala Tube

Hand-built unit, successfully passed the test of time. In 2004, when the Italian audiobrend Akamai still bore the name Bluenote, the Florentine company came Luigi Ermine - a specialist in digital technology. He has designed for the entire family Koala player quite revolutionary stuffing - digital filter ZeroClock and power system ElectroPower. The company did not disclose the secrets of ZeroClock - the documentation says only that the filter of this type is highly resistant to clock jitter and cleans analog signal from RF interference, resulting in the conversion process (used for this purpose DACs Burr-Brown 1796). But the principle of ElectroPower not classified - the monitoring system 50 times per second monitors the state of all circuits CD-drive and, if necessary, adjusts the power modes, ensuring a stable and smooth operation. At the same time ElectroPower provides galvanic isolation between the internal and the analog and digital links player.

In our test, we took the most audiophile version Koala - CD-player with a tube output stage. Simple scheme without deep DUS allows to generate a signal in the form of balanced, and customary. Needless to say, the sound can be removed and a digital mode - through coaxial output. Another feature of this version is the LCD display.

Hardly there are people who sound Koala Tube seem uninteresting. Yes, it is, perhaps, a little lacking spatial focus of - other images obtained are larger than necessary. But this apparatus from the first seconds plunges into the world of live real images. Dynamic range is fully revealed - in playing no hint of restraint. Harmonic pattern conquers saturation and beauty. In the upper register nuances can be called a model - incredibly detailed trebles achieved here without any sharpness and aggression. In the middle zone also no cause for criticism. Koala Tube reproduces this range of deep, naturally, with minimal embellishment. Specificity can be traced only in lowercase, then Koala allowed myself a bit more freedom than they should - check the lowest overtones weakened. While the overall experience and is in no way spoiled. Its open, emotional, and even a few playful (but not mock) interpretation of the musical material Italian player favorably with their own kind.

From the first seconds plunges into the world of the living real images. Dynamic range is fully revealed. Harmonic pattern conquers saturation and beauty.

Goldenote Koala Tube CD-player photo