Diapason Neos Floor standing speakers

In Italian elegant Diapason Neos are designed for small spaces. The speaker systems differ by the cases with small depth with non-parallel sidewalls and profiled pedestal. To decrease reflections from the front panel and improve spacious characteristics there are small bevels in the upper part. Also there are two dynamical heads and, consequently, two bands. Bass driver with large 180-mm paper diffuser is loaded on back bass reflex, which extends the lower working border to 40 Hz. High-frequency head has a 19-mm dome made of silk in the frame of small horn. Speaking about additional features, we can mark two massive gilt terminals for connection of speaker cable.

Diapason Neos speaker systems primarily attract by intelligent presentation of music material. It is expressed in several fundamental features. The first is quite transparent and clear middle with high spectral resolution. The second and, perhaps, the most important feature is an increased emotionality of sound, exciting you from the first minutes of listening. As about formal qualities, this is not too deep, but with natural attack bass and slightly enlightened overall tonal balance. The latter feature can highlight hissing sounds in certain vocal parties and a little bit brighter indicate the sound of copper group. In general, the upper case deserves high praise - discants are accurately structured, there is a clear trail of the plates. Sound stage is sufficient by width and has a tangible depth. Images are almost not tied to the acoustics and confidently fixed around the space. Their most exact focus is in the central part of panorama.

Diapason Neos Floor standing speakers photo