Diapason Ares Floor standing speakers

Compact Ares are created for small spaces, where they can fully open their potential. These two-way monitor speakers (exactly the monitors, because the model is a floor-standing version of shelf Micra III) are assembled in elegant narrow cases, finished with natural wood. Supporting platforms with low legs became the elegant addition. Dynamical heads of the company's development are installed under grills made of perforated metal. Lower part of the band is sounded by 110-mm woofer with polymer diffuser and the upper part of the range is assigned to 26-mm silk tweeter. In addition, an unusual scheme of the crossover is worth mentioning. Low-frequency head here is directly connected to an amplifier that, according to the developers, allowed to get maximally live sound.

Tonal balance of Diapason Ares is slightly enlightened, but this has no negative impact on overall good impression. We will note in the character of these Italian systems rich by timbres and open middle. Very high resolution and accuracy of articulation, which allows to transfer the sound of natural instruments maximally truly. The lower part of the band is noticeably limited by depth, but also keeps the accuracy of portrayal. The quality of tweeter does not cause claims. Tops are bright, clear, with the highest detailing. However, at the increasing of volume the playing noticeably becomes harsher, audible compression appears. Sound stage is small in scale, but with maximally accurate focus of the sources. The space is clearly defined and three-dimensional.

Diapason Ares Floor standing speakers photo