Morel Octave Signature Floor standing speakers

Elegant bodies are made of MDF with polymer coating. Each loudspeaker consists of two independent parts - subwoofer with the driver on the side and MF/HF-section, which is an individual shelf loudspeaker. Quadri-angular port of the bass-reflex in LF block and two small triangular ports of shelf loudspeaker are placed on the back walls. Morel Octave Signature are sold by hand-picked and individually adjusted pairs. All magnetic systems of the drivers are double; the coils' sizes are three times increased in comparison with usual ones. Coils are made by Hexatech technology - the winding with a hexagonal aluminum wire to increase maximally permissible input power. MF/LF-drivers with the rear ventilation are made of polymer composite; fabric dome, impregnated with the damping Acuflex compound, is responsible for high frequencies. All the drivers are in individual compartments.

From the first bars Morel Octave Signature asserted themselves as the leader among the competitors. Excellent stage, perfect positioning of sound sources, and accurate elaboration of plans - this is only the start. Then, we noted great resolution in the entire frequency range, clear lines of organ pedals; cello and double bass, tube and Turkish drum were drawn finely and very carefully. Organ also sounded softly, weighty, very lively and interesting, with harmonious balance of tones and overhang. String instruments were drawn quite carefully, with the texture of each string and each note taken; piano played intelligently and finely too. Vocal, both academic and not, amazed with the abundance of emotional hints, pressure and sharpness in those places where it was necessary. In large-scale orchestral compositions the loudspeakers sounded confidently and brilliant by timbres. Unlike chamber genres, when the performers literally presented in the room, the orchestra did not move walls and ceiling of the room apart, however, the quantity of finely and accurately transferred musical events was amazing and fascinating. It is needless to say about complete lack of compression. And it was not already very surprising the fact how well and hard these loudspeakers coped, if necessary, with metal and electronics, how reat they kept rhythm and distinctiveness of large number of melodic lines even in the wall of sound.

Morel Octave Signature Floor standing speakers photo