Mordaunt-Short MS 206 Floor standing speakers

The model MS206 of English company - Mordaunt-Short is truly young, slim and beautiful. It is young because the series just came out of factory stocks. Speaking about two last qualities, the reader can test the subjectivity of our opinion by its own taste... In any case the speaker systems successfully stand out by yellow-brown faceplate on the background of grey and black majority. First of all we want to note in the sound of MS206, easy relieving listener's spatial imagination, detail organized panorama of the scene: musicians come on stage, sit on the seats and start playing jazz... Drum set is clearly positioned, a little to the right - the piano, close to - the cello. A few from the test dared to compete with it in this possibility. It should be noted here the quality of stereo effect is quite sensitive to the mutual position of loudspeakers and listener. You should remember about this at the installing of the system in a room. The acoustics can express itself adequately to the needs of genre. The speaker systems transfer jazz cautiously and correctly. Significant increase of the sensitivity in the area of upper octave focuses the attention on sizzling sounds, making increased demands on the quality of recording.

Appropriate accents appear more at the playing of rich orchestral fragments. On the other hand, the sound obtains an open character and also the original expression. You can optimize the balance of high frequencies, a bit changing the orientation of the loudspeakers. MS206 will cope well with the transfer of the most of modern styles, including live music. But we liked quiet jazz compositions in its performance most of all.

Mordaunt-Short MS 206 Floor standing speakers photo