JBL S412P Floor standing speakers

The sizes of speaker systems, their mass and the size of the woofer indicate serious intents of the developers of S412P belonging to Studio series. Corrugated membranes of Lf and MF drivers are made of Polyplas material (cellulose plus polymer). The titanium dome of the tweeter is surrounded by a special profile - for increasing of spatial uniformity of HF-radiation. Thirty-degree woofer "lives" in the separate box. The bass reflex port is equipped with a divider of air stream. For the commutation with AV-receiver you need to buy Y-shaped "RCA-RCA" splitter. In 5.1-mode the subwoofers work in standalone mode; the level of LF-signal can be changed by LFE Level handle. The band of radiation of low frequency section I not regulated. We will note that it would be better to glue the supplied polymer "bulks" to rigid supports immediately (in order no to damage the floor).

You are waiting for a special sound from the acoustics with such external looks - the uncompromising performance of the flagship of Northridge line, whose appearance seems to have a lot in common with S412P, comes to mind here. What about simple stereo? The richest spectral and dynamic resources provide perfect, natural musicality to the system. Low-frequency potential of S412P allows it to cope with beat in a big drum easily and to treat the listener by almost subsonic depths. The tops transfer timbres of acoustic instruments very carefully. Smoothly everywhere, there are no accents. However, luxurious dynamics attracts most of all. The speaker systems really effortlessly and as if with pleasure overcome the coolest dynamic lifts, keep the sound tenaciously at almost background volume level. First of all, S412P is almost concert width of dynamic "gateway" and natural bass. The degree of spatial resolution is wide and a real depth of a hall is felt at the periphery of the panorama. Let us note that it is very important to provide a decent distance to the speaker systems - the panorama becomes defocused at a distance of approximately 3 m from front line.

The system plays everything correctly. Quantity and quality of bass is enough for any musical forms. It is hard to imagine the room where S412P could fully exhaust its energetic and low-frequency resources. In addition, the quality of low frequencies will significantly suffer in small rooms - it is desirable that the listening room has the square not less than 30-40 m2. Brilliant theatrical possibilities do not cause any doubts.

JBL S412P Floor standing speakers photo