JBL MX1500 Floor standing speakers

Minimal "architectural" decorations, three-way construction, quite a light body - this is MX1500 from JBL. This is a big woofer with cellulose diffuser. The membrane of midrange head is produced from pulp too. The last one is located in the isolated muted module and has non-classical "concave" form of suspension. Strictly speaking, this speaker must be named as middle-high-frequency. Bass reflex input port is organized almost near top edge of back panel: this is a frequent solution, taken by creators for the reduction of negative influence of low-frequency resonators in small rooms. Practical spring terminals intend to use quite thin cables. Only black variant of body finish is provided ("vinyl" with wood texture imitation).

There is something in the sound of speaker system that gives you a cause to determine them as "youth". Revival, relaxedness and lightness - this is the emotional "cocktail", witch an American system immediately "boils" in listeners. I want to name the system's manner "first-hand" with elements of "youth maximalism" because of swinging dynamics, overwhelming every resistor pressure: "drive", in short. MX1500 will be very appropriate for home party whirl or disco party - to cut loose. High sensitivity of speakers is very opportunely... Bright sound of the system is the most attractive at medium and high volume and there are no serious problems with increased "energy": starting level of limpidity doesn't change in a wide range of amplitudes. Only typical deformations of scheme become visible at high volume, rather sharp tints appear at the top. However, all of this doesn't restrain main advantages of the system and, above all, doesn't affect the "drive". MX1500 has completely deep and dynamic bass, and, marvelously, its amount is balanced. To tell the truth, there can't be much bass for a real rocker. All in all, we can consider the balance to be smooth, without significant tonal warps. A symphony image, created by the system, seems to be slightly sketchy: dynamic contrasts are visibly balanced at small levels, bass is wished to be more crystal and clearer. The scene is presented in a big way, but without special attention to petty spatial details.

MX1500 gives a well-balanced, energetic and bright sound. Electro, pop dance hits, modern and classical (to a lesser degree) rock are the nearest fields for this system. The speakers show great results working as theatrical front: volume, richness, and powerful dynamics. The system doesn't make special demands to sizes and acoustic properties of accommodation.

JBL MX1500 Floor standing speakers photo