JBL ES80 Floor standing speakers

JBL has many different lines of speaker systems for different needs. Sometimes a line has only one model or two-three. However, our model is from the larger, classical Hi-Fi ES family of average (by the standards of JBL) level. This line has nine models and JBL ES 80 is the youngest among them, floor system.

The speaker system uses five emitters! This model leads the pack in terms of bands' number - there are four (at the expense of two poured tweeters). The most high-frequency tweeter uses a circular membrane made of polyester film and is responsible for the range of 12-40 kHz. The second tweeter is equipped with the dome with titanium cover. It is adapted for careful alignment of high and mid frequencies of 3600-12000 Hz. Each tweeter is installed in its own EOS horn, leveling high frequencies in big ranges of listening angels. The rest of MF and LF speakers use paper diffusers with polymer cover. The bass reflex port is put on the back side of the body.

Wide and deep musical breath of American pair quickly takes the listener into captivity. The sound of the system is not neutral, but many will prefer it to a neutral sound of other speakers. The firmed features of JBL are evident: wide dynamic range, muscular free delivery, very well-designed, structurally clear, elastic lower case. Bass pleasantly warms the overall tonal structure. The speaker system transfer expressively different music, but dynamic forms and genre with a significant low-frequency filling are the most impressive: symphonic orchestra, respective genres of pop and rock music.

JBL ES80 Floor standing speakers photo