JBL Studio 580 Floor standing speakers

Unusual form of the front panel of JBL Studio 580 speaker system is dictated by a horn design of high-frequency part. Compressional one-inch HF-head differs by the expanded play band and starts to work already from 1500 Hz. Doubled low-frequency part is presented by the branded 6.5-inch heads made of high-tech Polyplas polymer. At high rigidity this material has a small mass that allows you to have the fastest response. The bass-reflex port is placed on the back wall; powerful screw terminals, accepting any type of acoustic connectors, are also located there.

A horn design makes a certain impact on sound. The middle is pushed forward a bit heightening other parts of spectrum. Speaking about the most middle range, it is extremely accurate and almost devoid of coloring; also will note the naturalness of timbres and perfect detailing. Upper register has an increased sound resolution that, in general, by no means violates sound comfort. Low frequencies can be described as quite detailed and clear, but a bit devoid of depth. Studio 580 perfectly copes with building of space but upon condition of exact orientation to the listener. In this case the scene becomes three-dimensional and correct in terms of positions.

JBL Studio 580 Floor standing speakers photo