Yamaha CD-N301 CD-player

The days, when compact-disc was popular, convenient and accessible way of music storage, are over and probably forever. But not every music lover is ready at once to forget about carefully and lovingly amassed collection, changing the wardrobe with beautiful boxes into a black box of network storage.

A multi-functional device Yamaha CD-N301, combining functions of classical CD player and modern network player, is called for making the change be smoother and less painful. The device is decorated traditionally like a standard Hi-Fi element and will look seamlessly in the rack with components o stereo system or home cinema. The faceplate, made of black and silver aluminum, is amended by single-line display and full set of keys being necessary for controlling the player. Source selection is made in the form of rotated regulator. The full-size remote control lies well in the hand and has an optimal configuration of well-differentiated keys.

The commutation arsenal on the back side consists of a pair of qualitative gilt RCA for the connection with an amplifier, and also of optical and coaxial outputs in case of using external DAC. Etharnet RJ45 ort is used for the integration of Yamaha CDN01 in home computer network. Next to it there is a USB, the only function of which is the supply of external Wi-Fi adapter YWA-10, being sold separately. The fact that such addition exists is quite positive, but we have to write the lack of built-in wireless interface in the modern and not the cheapest network player to the disadvantages. And in the most cases due to not even the extra charges and extra item in the rack, but difficulties, usually associated with setting of such "crutches".

The player can receive a musical material by both Airplay, easy in realization and compatible with Apple gadgets and any computers with installed iTunes apps, and DLNA. The last-mentioned not only provides the compatibility with any formats of multi-media files but also opens the access to such popular stream services as Spotify and also vTuner, through which you can listen to broadcasts of more than 20 thousands of Internet radio stations all over the world.

We cannot ignore the firmed app Yamaha Controller NP for mobile gadgets under iOS and Android, one function of which is a stream transfer of music from your smartphone or tablet to the network player. The chip from Burr-Brown Company was used as digital-analog converter in Yamaha Cd-N301, which works with digital stream of 32 bit/192 KHz. So the player is able to play files of WAV and FLAC studio quality.

The sound of Yamaha CD-N301 is rich by subtle nuances and shows impressive for relatively budget device airy and the depth of stereo panorama. It can compete with very expensive equipment according to these parameters. Typical for Yamaha accent presences in basses, clear images of lower case will touch rock lovers' feelings. The only thing, for which you can blame the device (if not consider its price), is slightly synthetic mid frequencies. Vocals can be perceived to be a bit dry. Some potential for upgrade should be noted, for example if desired it is not difficult to add an external DAC of higher class and thus improve sound of the system.

The main claims to the device lie in the plane of functional equipment. For the same money you can buy a network player with operating USB-connection, being able to read music from external drivers, built-in Wi-Fi, plus Blu-ray drive and full multi-media arsenal. However, such alternative will never play music so good and especially compact-discs. So, for music lovers Yamaha CD-N301 is still the ideal variant for saving the collection of tangible mediums and at the same time for touching to new technologies of storage and availability of music material.

Yamaha CD-N301 CD-player photo