Yamaha CDX-890 CD-player

The first in line of new generation players Yamaha is presented in our test. The main distinctive feature of this series is the use of firmed system Pro-Bit meant for precise reconstruction of original studio 20-bit recording form 16 existing on a disc. A traditional cover, hidden usually almost all control elements, is changed by rotary prism in CDX-890, on the top of which there are all these buttons. Ease of enter two-digit numbers is determined by the placement of "+10" button at the very beginning of buttons line with digits from the left of figure of one. Unlike less expensive models level regulation output is realized by variable resistor, motorized driver of which allows doing this also from the remote control but the level of headphones output is changed too. Pause mode is marked on the indicator only by flashing points, dividing minutes and seconds of time reading and this is not very visually. Providing in several tested players power off the display for the lovers to focus on music exists in this model too. After making the decision about playback variant you can install in CDX-890 a half bright or set indication auto power off, which will work after the start of playback. The remote control is unified for almost the whole series with 90 at the end and some auxiliary functions may be activated only with a help of the remote control. Synchronous record start is possible at the work with Yamaha tape recorder. A perfect sounding of compositions with voice parts was noticed unanimously at the tested listening.

Yamaha CDX-890 CD-player photo