Yamaha CDX-590 CD-player

On the Yamaha CDX-590 CD player, you can adjust the headphone volume with a linear scale on the meter, but the level at the line output also changes. On the one hand, this can be an inconvenience, since after listening to headphones, an additional level setting will be required. On the other hand, it is the ability to set the level that is needed to coordinate the output of various blocks of a stereo system, especially when combining devices from different manufacturers into one system. The pause mode is not very clearly displayed: only the dots that separate the minutes and seconds of the time indication flash. The problem of an intrusive display for those who like to focus on music is completely solved in the CDX-590. After deciding on the listening option (program, shuffle or in order), you can reduce the brightness or turn off the indicator, which will turn on again after the end of the disc. Most auxiliary functions can only be activated with the remote control. But if such an arrangement for turning on random playback order, repeating a track or disk, programming, and even searching for an index seems justified, then the transfer to the console of all the functions of preparing for recording on a tape (programming the order, sorting by time, turning on autopause and searching for a peak) is made explicitly for the sake of design. When working with a Yamaha tape recorder, the synchronous recording start mode is possible. The button for entering two-digit numbers "+10" is very conveniently located: unlike other models, it is located at the very beginning of the line of other buttons to the left of the unit.

Yamaha CDX-590 CD-player photo