Yamaha CD-S700 CD-player

Design of Yamaha CD-S700 is strict and laconic and, to my mind, just gorgeous. And if not a new fashioned USB interface on the front panel, the player can be easily taken as the thing of 90-ies of the last century. The serious approach is confirmed by great workmanship - today you will rarely meet such accuracy in inexpensive components. Absolutely noiseless loading mechanism with aluminum tray makes especially strong impression - the proprietary solution of Yamaha.

Burr-Broun converters in differential connection are used in digital tract and they are powered separately from the analog part. The ideology of signal circuits is specific here, with minimal length of signal trip and special Pure Direct mode, where secondary circuit sections are disconnected.

Switching capabilities in CD-S700 are the same as in most competitors plus mentioned above USB port, through which you can play recordings in mp3 and WMA formats. The luxury remote control deserves special compliments, which is made with use of aluminum and very ergonomic.

The slogan of the developers "Hi-Fi is back" in our care was fully confirmed. The first impression from the device was an incredible purity bordering on sterility, absolute lack of coloring and amazing resolution across the band. While more prolonged and attentive listening you start to note some other peculiarities.

All-in-all, the playing differs by open and free character with wide dynamic and frequency range. The recordings of various genres are interpreted with unbelievable li8ghtness; everything is heard. However, it has flip-side - the abundance of nuances becomes a bit tiring with time. Neutrality leads to the fact that vocals sometimes seem to be a bit apathetic, without fullness and live expression. But all of these are nothing in comparison with obvious advantages: upper range is extremely neat and clean, microdynamics is fine, discants are distinct although a bit monotonous.

Low frequency register in CD-S700 is also quite impressive. Bass differs by a solid depth, although the extreme bottom still is not fully worked out. Dynamics is above average, relief and structure of LF components are commendable good. Sound scene is vast and goes far beyond the placement of the speaker systems. Proportions are correct, images are perfectly fixed around the front edge, but their location in depth is not so obvious.

The sound of mp3 and WMA files can be considered to be quite adequate - although all disadvantages of coding are heard but they do not extrude like in some other players.

Yamaha CD-S700 CD-player photo