JBL Studio 130 Floor standing speakers

Looking at the exterior of Studio 130 speaker systems teh designers of JBL let you see that even inexpensive system can look fresh and individually. The front part is lined with diagonal lines, on the intersection of which there is the company's logo and in the two formed niches there are drivers, being closed by partitioned grill. The woofer's size is relatively small, only 10 cm, but its main advantage is the diffuser made of the patented Polyplas composite. This material has cellulose base with polymer cover that allows the driver to work with minimal distortions at even extreme volume levels. High-frequency section is presented by a 25-mm dome CMMD Lite tweeter with the branded Bi-Radial Waveguide waveguide. Bands' separation is made at 3000 Hz by the second ordered crossover with minimum of elements.

Although the monitors need a bit more powerful low-frequency base, their sound does not absolutelly seem to be defective. Unusually high audio resolution as well as extremely accurate separation of instruments are amazing for the system of such low price. JBL Studio 130 shows a minimum of coloring across the spectrum and, in fact, the only side tones come from the body - its rigidity at high volume may seem to be insufficient. Sound stage is very precise in terms of positioning of imaginary images, but quite limited by width. It is worth noting that several plans are read in depth that is an achievement for budget loudspeakers.

JBL Studio 130 Floor standing speakers photo