JBL Ti 600 Floor standing speakers

Quite often the production of American company motives to discuss general topics about the essence and efficacy of constructional decisions, using in modern speaker systems (let remember a horn design of high-frequency head in HSL 820 model). Classical, strict in its limit laconism form of researching here model also arouses an impulse to discuss the influence of different factors on quality of sound picture. Heightened attention to the so-called diffractive barrier (especially in comparatively inexpensive models), appearing to smooth all sharp angels on the faceplate in exotic ways, often causes a shy perplexity in view of insignificant role of this factor against fundamentally insoluble problems... Unwittingly you begin to respect the speakers with openly sharp angels, because, as a rule, this means that the creators concentrated on the solving of more important problems: the increase of quality of dynamic heads, the diminution of stray radiation of the body. Despite of having modest external data, "inner life" of Ti 600 is turned to be richer and earns detail discussion. An ability to reveal a scene space to the listener is one of the absolute advantages of American system. A high detail of wide and three-dimensional panorama, good stability of space effects determines a creation of a convincing presence effect. System bass, by witch you can predict the genre of acoustic, was confident and strict, but not too much deep. All things considered, the creators took into account the interests of classical music lovers, who always prefer clear entirety of sound picture to the risk of lead overwork, unavoidable in living quarters. In this case, in respect to entirety of image, the combination of system features in middle and low top areas. This combination slightly softens the sound. However, the abundance of petty details in area of high frequencies does not allow the sound to be dim, and fill it with an air. Note that the weight of these details strictly corresponds with the role, prepared by the sound producers. Summarizing the impressions from listening Ti 600, we can conclude that the system creates very accurate, connected and well-balanced image. The quality of sound won't depend on sizes of listening room very much. Probably, replay of classical compositions is the best supplement of the system.

JBL Ti 600 Floor standing speakers photo