Marantz SR9600 AV-receiver

After Denon and Marantz merged into a holding, the Japanese leadership decided to separate them into different price categories so that the brands would not compete with each other. And many models of Marantz at the same time got in the elite segment.

SR9600 is a sophisticated and advanced receiver that corresponds to the THX Ultra2 certification. High case, massive aluminum panel and incomparable ergonomics: everything that is necessary for operational control is in sight, and all the tuning and auxiliary buttons are hidden under a massive flip-down panel. The remote control generally reminds a handheld computer, but after a short training course it is no longer considered to be too difficult - the management is implemented visually and stylishly.

The receiver is assembled on a copper plated chassis. A powerful seven-channel output section with current feedback is powered by a huge toroidal transformer and specially designed buffer capacitors. In the pre-analog part the famous HDAM-SA2 modules of the new generation are used instead of the microcircuits, and the digital processor is built on two advanced 32-bit Cirrus Logic microprocessors and supplemented with M.R.A.C. auto-calibration system.

Marantz SR9600 makes a strong impression by its sound too. The dynamics is simply hurricane! The entire bass line is reproduced realistically and generously. The vocal band is transmitted very subtly and harmoniously, with a mass of spicy details. The receiver perfectly reproduces the orchestral tutti without huddling. But for me the upper band was seemed to be a little embellished. You hear a lot of details, the highest range is very airy, but metal discants are as if covered with a thin layer of silver. Many audiophiles will appreciate such sound signature. When switching to a digital input, the situation changes slightly - discants are quieter. As for the quality of the radio reception, Marantz SR9600 also proved itself honorably: noises are slightly increased in the channel, but the sound of music programs on FM is the least different from playing the same ones, but on CD.

Marantz SR9600 AV-receiver photo