Marantz SR7500 AV-receiver

Every detail in this receiver inspires respect. On the front panel there are only the most important controls, a volume knob and a large rotary selector. The massive cover under the display hides the numerous buttons for controlling the tuner and the sound field. In addition to the THX Select icon, which indicates the high status of Marantz SR7500, you will see the logos of several more advanced systems: Dolby Headphones and SRS.

Features of the selector are expanded due to multiroom modes. The second key feature of SR7500 is the MRAC auto calibration with a remote microphone (the receiver itself determines the type of speakers, sets delays and levels for all channels). Automation works accurately.

Marantz SR7500 has Pure Direct mode bypassing equalizer (but, unfortunately, not the processor), and the digital path is built on 24-bit/192KHz Cirrus Logic chips. However, in the settings menu you will find a surprise: the frequencies for the crossover are only three. But the distance to the loudspeakers can be set with a fine step and within a wide range.

At the connection to a digital input, the receiver proved itself to be a good B student: the sound is accurate, the surround sound reminds a sound cloud rather than the surrounding atmosphere. Pure Direct mode partially corrects the situation. When listening to a stereo source via an analog input, it was found that the inputs have a small overload reserve (a warning indicator lights up on the display). In this case, you should turn on the attenuator and reconcile to a slight deterioration in the signal-to-noise ratio. But when you go to 5.1 input, immediately there is a feeling that the whole system was changed - that's how much the sound improves. Exactly in this mode SR7500 can show all its talents: surprisingly lively images, the ability to recognize and show the finest harmonic nuances in the voice and lower bands.

Marantz SR7500 AV-receiver photo