Mission 766 Floor standing speakers

The top model of the 76 series is a serious three-way design with a side-mounted woofer and a reflex port on the back of the cabinet. The 8" woofer and 6" midrange driver are made with Parawave proprietary technology, allowing for lightweight cones with much higher stiffness than metal cones of the same caliber. The low resonance of the system made it possible to extend the low end to 30 Hz. The tweeter in this model is traditional - with an inch fabric dome and anti-resonance impregnation. The enclosures are made of thick MDF boards and have internal ribs, guaranteeing the absence of parasitic resonances. Each speaker has two pairs of screw terminals for connecting to the amplifier.

In the first minutes of listening we pay attention to the fundamental reproduction of the bass. It is very deep and powerful, with the right attack, but still a little bit squeezed dynamics. The tonal balance of the loudspeaker is slightly shifted downwards - slightly reduced tweeter activity affects it. Despite this, the middle frequencies turned out to be quite informative and transparent. The timbre resolution in this range is very high - the voices are recognizable. Mission 766 successfully copes even with very complex polyphonic works, while remaining extremely correct. The sound stage is built in a peculiar way: the foreground seems to overlap with the listener, while the imaginary images are a little bit enlarged and not perfectly spaced.

Mission 766 Floor standing speakers photo