Onkyo A-9511 Amplifier

The firm "Onkyo", like many other producers of audio and video equipment, in 1997 renewed the assortment of its goods and put on the market the 500th series of audio components. Creating the new models, the firm put out considerable effort to make the price of these components much lower, while the quality of the sound and the design of devices are so similar to prestige Hi-Fi series Integra. The amplifier A-9511 is called to change quite a famous A-9510 and evidently differs from it both by content and appearance.

The body, made in silver-gold tint, with massive, for the first sight, faceplate, and big handles of volume control, and selector of the signal sources remind traditionally rich goods of previous years. Like the preceding model, A-9511 has motorized selector of six input signal sources, but in this device the firm stakes on the modern recorders of music, that's why it doesn't have the input for corrector of vinyl records. Motorized volume control, timbre and balance controls, the inclusion of loudness and DIRECT mode, record selector are traditional for the device of this class. But the main feature of the amplifier is the using of technical decisions and technologies, employing in the amplifiers of prestige series Integra. They are: the amplification stage with shallow local feedback, default of the circuits of general degenerative feedback, using the composite transistor of Darlington in the output stage of power amplifier. In addition, hand selection of transistors and resistors of the output stage, high-class audio condensers ATR, a special construction of mains transformer AEI, an effective temperature indemnity of output stage displacement current - all of these allow reaching very low level of distortion and amplifier noises. The output stage of the amplifier provides the power of 100W per channel and quite a big output current for low-resistance speaker systems. In the end, all of these allow reaching quite an impressive sound. Silver ring of money hangs literally in mid-air in the composition of Pink Floyd "MONEY". At the same time, the sense of sound sources placement was accurate and noticeable. While listening the different sound programs, where was a feeling that the amplification section gives nothing own (it must be in such a way in the equipment of these class). The listening was held in DIRECT mode - the sound of the amplifier was clearer and more expressive in this mode. Very probably, that the change of sound tint by using timbres can be pleasant to the listener, but, to our mind, it changed the sound picture. Besides this, an oblique indicator of high quality of the amplifier is the fact that it allows to differ easily the sound of brand CD from mimic.

At the inclusion of the amplifier the light-emitting diode in the handle of volume control blinks about 10 seconds before the speaker systems are connected up (than, the light-emitting diode glow becomes constant), but, after this, even though the control is far away from zero level, there is no sound at all from the speaker systems. You can think that the amplifier is switched off, but it is not: just because of great noise and background parameters. The manipulating of the amplifier is simple and doesn't cause any difficulties. Compose remote control, with which you can regulate volume level and switch the outputs, facilitates it. Most likely, the desk is also used in other devices of Onkyo, because the part of buttons in this case isn't involved. Forming part of the amplifier brand bus remote control RI gives the opportunity to control other Onkyo devices by this desk too. To sum up, I can mention gild CD input pin jacks, big spiral pin jacks of speaker system connecting and disconnected main socket on the back panel.

Price: $545
Onkyo A-9511 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 70 Watts into 8 ohms