Onkyo A-9377 Amplifier

A design of A-9377 is made in typical Hi-Fi style and, evidently, with taking into account good traditions of this famous Japanese brand. Everything inside is still traditionally for Onkyo: a massive power transformer with solid stock and output cascades on discrete elements with the brand technology of distributed amplification WRAT. The design engineers didn't economize on iron: all cards are attached on antiresonance chassis, which reduces the impact of vibrations on the sound channel. There are six sources connection, including inbuilt phono amplifier for MM heads. The output from preamplifier is provided for increase of amplification circuit, and it allows the using of separate power amplifier. The terminals for acoustic connection of spiral type (two pairs) accept all kinds of connectors and also a bare conductor of sufficient cross-section. From useful equipping there are headphones output and quite a comfortable desk for control Onkyo components by RI wire.

The elements of this brand always differ by its air, light style of play. Our examinee has the same voice - crystal and clear. Meanwhile such lightness is perceived sometimes as the lifting of general tone balance without noticeable by ear damage. Generally, bass register, as I thought, sounds too much carefully, but although truly. If the mid bass is full of energy and moderately dynamic, lower components add a total picture. The rest specter is presented in quite an interesting way: the mid's overflows with nuances, the top can be called etalon. Descants are striking natural, without any veil. The construction of sound scene is original: its sizes are bigger than common, but forms are slightly larger than necessary.

Onkyo A-9377 Integrated Stereo Amplifier