Heco Music Style 500 Floor standing speakers

Speakers have a complex combination trim, front and top covered with white paint, the rear wall of laminated white vinyl with no texture and sidewall - white film with the texture of the tree. From a distance it looks excellent acoustics. Upon closer inspection, you will notice slight imperfections in terms of fit body parts to each other.

Housings made of multiple layers of MDF bonded with each other, and within several belts reinforced ribs. Side skirts give them extra rigidity and strength. As a result of this extensive training, the body is almost devoid of any spurious vibration and resonance, as well as have a very solid weight.

Midrange/woofers, traditionally for incompatibilities, are made of long-fiber pulp. Such materials can save all the advantages of conventional paper cones, but it provides an increase in their stiffness and strength. Silk dome tweeter with a ferromagnetic cooling installed in the company's registration Wave Control, which is a small waveguide dispersion control transmitter.

Location emitter structure resembles D'Appolito, but in this case including emitters performed scheme 2.5-ways, which means that the lower speaker reproduces audio information in less than the upper, and the principle point sound source is not observed at all frequencies. Acoustic design of a vented enclosure. Two fairly large port secured in the housing by means of screws.

Sound incompatibilities Music Style 500 rich tone, very lively and juicy. With any material acoustics copes easily, as if playing, literally from the first note revealing the essence of the composition. No hint of coloration and genre. Treble clean, clear and unobtrusive. Mid extremely expressive and natural. Bass deep, rich, but rather assembled and tight, so as not to lose the handling on fast music. The scene is built very precisely and beautifully, with natural depth and realistic proportions of live instruments. Slightly inferior to some models to resolve this speaker takes its expressiveness, balance and intonation accuracy. Taken together, it turns out that any incompatibilities Music Style 500 sound much more precisely other, better convey the essence of music.

Price: $598
Heco Music Style 500 Floor standing speakers photo