Denon PMA-250SE Amplifier

Amplifiers of this company are famous for their neutral sound character without audible coloration and good transfer of the dynamics of musical works. For particularly demanding audiophiles, the company produces improved versions of its serial models, which differ from the basic model mainly by the use of higher-quality components in the SE version.

This practice is widespread among manufacturers of modern audio equipment and is beneficial to both buyers and manufacturers of equipment. It is convenient for the producers to publish a special SE version because it does not require huge expenses for development of the model and its introduction into serial production as it has a high degree of unification with the basic serial model. Well, the buyers benefit twice. First, the cost of the SE model, for the above reasons, is significantly lower than the cost of a brand new model with the same sound quality. And secondly, the reliability of the SE models is also quite great, because they use many parts and components made by well-proven technologies of high-volume production. So the practice of creating "improved versions" of the SE can only be welcomed.

So, PMA-250SE is made according to the canons of simple audiophile amplifiers and therefore has no remote control and other "frills". Its functionality is limited to the ability to connect the source directly (DIRECT mode) and connect headphones to the appropriate jack on the front panel. Taking a look "from the rear" it turned out that Denon PMA-250SE, moreover, allows connecting up to three additional Hi-Fi components to its power sockets on the rear wall. Life experience unequivocally testifies in their favor, and that is why we liked this Denon design solution. It's time, however, to get down to business. The first impressions of listening to the PMA-250SE together with the floor-standing speakers showed that the amplifier generally reproduces music "correctly", quite balanced and without obviously audible sound defects. Closer listening revealed, however, some straightforwardness and simplification of the dynamics in the presentation of the sound material.

When it came to the "shelf" babies, Denon demonstrated an almost identical sound character. In principle, the low sensitivity of the amplifier to the type of speaker system used is its advantage, so we give Denon a "plus" on this position. The inclusion of timbres did not change the sound character of the amplifier much, and we liked its sound more with a linear AFC.

When trying to test the amplifier with a turntable, it turned out that there is a PHONO amplifier input, but no phono corrector.

The phono stage is an option of the amplifier and is installed in it at additional cost. So - attention! If you want to buy this model to listen to gramophone records with it, make sure it has a built-in corrector beforehand.

Price: $260
Denon PMA-250SE Amplifier photo