Denon PMA-710AE Amplifier

Denon PMA-710AE has replaced quite successful PMA-700AE. The amplifier almost hasn't been changed externally and can be easily confused with its predecessor. Well, the design of the novelty is tested by time: a large transformer with separate windings for control circuits and audio path, qualitative capacitors and the branded anti-vibration chassis. The boarm of power amplifier contains high-current transistors, which provide the output power up to 85W per channel (on 4 ohms). You can connect to the amplifier up to 5 traditional sound sources and also a vinyl player with MM head. There are two Rec out outputs, which the lovers of analog recording will appreciate.

PMA-710AE amplifier is equipped with timbre control with the option of their disabling (Source Direct mode) and also with eight acoustic terminals for connection of two pairs of speaker systems. To compensate shortcomings of sound at low volume, Loudness mode is provided.

The sound of amplifier can be described as very clear and quite dynamical. The upper case does not have even a hint of veil - plates are transparent and airy. The middle is alive and natural, with rich micro-dynamical picture and luxurious timbres. I will lodge a small claim to the quality of playing of low frequencies. At the first glance, the bass is good by both structure and dynamics, but sometimes there is the feeling of excessive emphasis on this part of the range. And the lowest bass seems to be slightly pressed and not very controlled. But special resolution in Denon PMA-710AE is on top. Sound stage in its presentation is a steady monolith with accurate fixation of images in space.

Denon PMA-710AE Amplifier photo