Denon PMA-735R Amplifier

The PMA-735R incorporates at least two proprietary design features that Denon places particular emphasis on. First, there are the original high-current output transistors in the power amplifier, which provide twice the output current at signal peaks. And secondly, the obligatory presence of two power transformers, the verified mutual orientation during installation of which reduces the magnetic stray fields, which are often a source of interference in amplifiers. In addition, to reduce the influence of the digital circuits of the control processor on the analog part of the amplifier, a third small transformer is installed in the PMA-735R, which also provides power in standby mode. The indication is a little sparingly organized in the amplifier: only the selected selector input is highlighted with LEDs. The state of all other organs, especially the overly elegant buttons for turning on the loudness and the DIRECT mode, in which only the volume control remains in the signal circuit, will have to be recognized by touch. The remote control also allows you to control other parts of the Denon audio system: turntable, cassette and MD deck and tuner. It is convenient that the volume attenuation mode is turned on from the remote control.

Denon is highly dynamic, and sometimes it seems that he himself prefers fast rhythms, urging slower ones. There is a kind of breadth to its sound, which may be due to the fact that the images created by the PMA-735R appear before you as if through a magnifying glass. Imagine: the central part of the scene expands, squeezing out the side ones closer to the edge, and, due to the increase in part of the picture, the scale of different components is transformed. However, the existing freedom easily compensates for these aberrations, moreover, in pop music, and even more so in rock, the effect is much less noticeable. Although there remains a slight approximation of the scene, as if you were seated in the first rows of the stalls. This feeling should also be very familiar to those who are used to seeing the concert, being pressed by the crowd directly to the ramp. However, this does not lead to a loss of detail, and even against the backdrop of a tsunami of a symphony orchestra, separate trickles of musical nuances are preserved.

Price: $410
Denon PMA-735R Amplifier photo