Denon PRA-S10/POA 3200 Amplifier

This luxurious Japanese amplifier can be related to the category of "ultra-hard Hi-Fi" by both the price and massive-size characteristics. Since people always meet on clothes, exactly this amplifier made an impression (very positive!) on the experts. In actual fact you see metallic boxes (very big and heavy) of elite champagne color with as thick as anything front panel and huge chiseled metallic control knobs. Today the champagne taint is very popular and talks about special claims of producer (or maybe buyer) of elite audio equipment. "Denon" is created really well! Preamp PRA-S10 has balancing input and even balancing output (!), when the power amplifier has only standard asymmetric RCA. But don't be upset - after buying this package you will have an opportunity to modernize your system by change of regular power amplifier to the amplifier with balanced input. By the way, "Denon" greatly increases the amount of "top" Hi-Fi models at the last time, so you will always have a choice. Moreover all audio equipment from "Denon" is famous for its excellent build quality and has perfect technical characteristics. The build quality of both preamplifier and power amplifier is irreproachable. Inputs and outputs are gilt and of high quality, inscriptions and graphics are applied carefully and good read from any distance. Careful assembly of the printed-circuit boards is visible through the wide vent slots. Both preamplifier and power amplifier steadily stand on widely spaced cylindrical "legs"- props of big diameter. In one word, "Denon" is "Denon".

The amplifier control is very comfortable. The control knobs of large diameter go well in hand, have "zero backlash" and excellent easy running. With a help of the remote control the fans of sedentary life can control almost all functions of the amplifier from their favorite armchair. Beside this, the console is suitable for other Hi-Fi components of your system, if they are of "Denon". The indication of current input of program sources selector is made really cool: there are squared red light-emitting diodes on the ring around the selector, which beautifully glows for chosen source. This is very clearly and handy! Speaking about the quality of connectors, it is extra cool! But, certainly, you can't connect "banana" type jacks to new "safe" acoustic connectors, and don't try it! "Bananas" - No passaran!

"Denon" sounds clear and smartly. Stereo effect and sound volume are irreproachable. However, with all sound "correctness", the "spark" is upset; they sound quite naturally, but detached. The music in their performance run smoothly and without audible defects, but it doesn't fascinate! The deficit of low frequencies is evidently audible at direct mode, though they exist and are of good quality. Let's repeat once again: despite of the fact that all elements don't rouse any censures in themselves, as a whole they give decent, but undistinguished sound. However, sound of "Denon" honestly and deservedly earns solid "B+" grade. In all dignities, it is a very good model!

Denon PRA-S10/POA 3200 Amplifier photo