JBL Studio Monitor 4307 Floor standing speakers

According to JBL, in the design of this pair (as in all modern replicas and new models of the old way) 60-year-old tradition of the famous American company combines with fresh design solutions. One can argue about the authority and authenticity of such a union of time, as well as on how good the real "hybrids", but primarily replica tracks 4429, 4312, as well as more recent speakers like 4319 left a very positive memories and emotions. With regard to the traditions, the line JBL Studio Monitor are represented by a series of structural elements, in particular the usual attenuators on HF and MF, and, of course, of the same woofers yellowish corrugated paper. The degree of weight and solidity of the different speakers, woofers measured diameter varies from 12 inches at the JBL 4312/4318 to 8 inches in a compact monitor 4305N. So our model JBL 4307 with "ten-inch" on board - like the golden mean. Among the innovations necessary to mention the relative midrange transducer with polymer coating and powerful aluminum flange, and quite fresh element - ring tweeter with tangential suspension. Finally, the price JBL 4307 the most democratic in the entire new line (if you count only full-length bookshelf and eliminate tiny mini replica 4312M II).

As noted above, the classic 10-inch JBL woofer cone has a corrugated unbleached pulp natural color coated Aquaplas. Midrange standard for branded studio bookshelf speakers size - 5 inches - also made of cellulose, and covered with a dense and viscous polymer putty, very sticky to the touch. Just impregnated and corrugated suspension of the diffuser. Speaker is equipped with a massive square flange with cut edges, made of brushed aluminum, 4 mm thick, and the O-ring of foam rubber. A new piece in the usual form of monitors JBL became a major 1.5-inch tweeter with annular diaphragm mounted in a shallow biradialny shout cast aluminum with bounding planes above and below, but open on the sides. In the center of the emitter is pin sharp phase equalizing elements (familiar, for example, the famous JBL 2406 Annular Ring). The specification for this JBL speaker is called "high-frequency transducer with a two-layer laminated tangential diaphragm." This means that the annular diaphragm is additionally coated with a titanium layer of a special polymer film, and the word "tangential" refers to a notch at a tangent to the diaphragm by volume non-smooth suspension. Last detail design, in its essence, is not new in the JBL and goes back to work Fancher M. Murray and Howard M. Durbin 1979 "Three-Dimensional Diaphragm Suspensions for Compression Drivers". In it, they showed that the tangential and "faceted diamond-shaped" suspensions greatly facilitates extinction of higher modes resonances of beryllium and titanium diaphragms (here it should be noted that during this period Murray was closely involved in the translation aluminum company drivers for titanium version). Respectively, are provided with a clean HF using inexpensive materials and technologies. In the catalog JBL has enough mid-tweeters (and both of the number of top) with similar suspensions, although previously they were mainly raised on the larger 3-inch drivers.

As for the settings, and a crossover frequency of speakers, here, in contrast to the recent 4319 model will listen to us, the company's engineers take a more usual division into sub-frequency bands - 1500 and 6500 Hz, with a shelving filter of the first order, which is similar to the embodiment of the old settings branded monitors 4312. Here, however, there are several issues related to the evenness of the amplitude-frequency characteristics, and at the bottom, and in the upper region. This is especially true traditional bass drivers JBL: he has great options in the area of up to 1 kHz, but raises a number of problems when trying to stretch his workspace on the frequency band. Most clearly noticeable in this circumstance the two-lane model 4305N horn section with a frequency band of 4500 Hz. A typical small dip in the middle of the average can also be attributed to the specificity of woofer in a number of speakers. In addition, some of horn speakers (they include and 4305N and 4307), the situation is exacerbated by a certain mismatch between the high-frequency horn section and the lower band, which manifests itself in an appreciable width and fairly deep holes at the junction bands ("hole under the voice"). Variants that differ qualitatively flat setting (same model 4319 or, say, a great classic monitor 4429), solve the problem of the first marked the early inclusion of midrange, and the degree of flatness of the characteristics in the region from 500 to 1500 Hz to a large extent determined by its solvency. This is a somewhat long digression is intended to draw your attention to the fact that in the same line of Studio Monitor as before, and now there were speakers with different degree of flatness in frequency response - from the ideal in the ticker to merry "roller coaster." Our model of 4307 to set up is not completely flat. We can assume that some features are associated with and midrange speaker, who appeared here not for the first time, as was seen, for example, the predecessor 4319 - 4318. model for the new ring with the RF phase-equalizer in the horn, we note a significant directional radiation, makes it necessary to installation of acoustic radiation axes strictly on the listener.

The specifics of setting this pair of monitors causes and character of the sound with a genre adaptation. Connoisseurs of subtle shades and modulations of high voices in Baroque records or thoughtful lovers savor dynamic nuances, the ups and downs, wide shaft alternation of sound in a symphony orchestra would be better to refer to other models of the firm, even though the same impeccable 4429. From this it does not follow that the 4307 play rough or tough, which is absolutely unacceptable for classical music. No, they listen to comfort always on top. But with informative everything is not perfect. Harpsichord, pipe organ and upper registers high vocals sound slightly muffled, with natural voices would like to add sharpness and clarity. But monitors literally wake up to contemporary music, especially rhythmic and groovy. Successfully developed, that I have with him proved disk with a collection of remixes from Punk TV. Here JBL 4307 showed a dense, tight and energetic sound pumped while adrenaline and more relaxing - so you can listen for hours without any fatigue, even at a very respectable volume. Series of metal records, from Accept to Rammstein, was played out is also very convincing, very bloodthirsty, so to speak. However, the young fans these styles will be highly satisfied with this interpretation. In a calm and mature emotionally popular music like perfectly recorded disc Tracy Chapman degree of emotion has increased significantly, and moderate rock, country and folk were filled with very lively and rhythmic emphasis. These monitors are clearly among the "young at heart" and the same owners are recommended.

JBL Studio Monitor 4307 Floor standing speakers photo