JBL Studio Monitor 4319 Floor standing speakers

There is no need to present JBL acoustics to those, who earn their bread in record studios. The rest of the audience will need a little help: monitor speakers of this company became a classic of the genre in the arsenal of any sound engineer long ago. Very high demands have always been made to control systems - because not only the fate of phonogram is dependent on their work, but often the success of the whole musical project. So, to be the best from the best is of prestige twice, but this star status also imposes a big responsibility. Fortunately, upgraded monitor speakers of near-field with index of 4319 confirms once again the thesis of stability as a sign of mastery. But in this case JBL engineers went a bit further - keeping a high level of the quality (however, set by them) they tried to create a precise tool of new level. When you start listening to Studio Monitor 4319, you don't absolutely want to find out what filling is inside of their bodies. Another wish appears instead of this - to pass as much musical material through them as possible in order to open unknown before nuances in it.

And anyway curiosity takes toll - the question "how does it work?" requires a detailed answer. I must say, that there are no any sensations in the case with JBL Studio Monitor 4319 - the construction of these large shelf speaker systems doesn't differ by something supernatural. However, rational competent analysis, measured circuit technique and optimally chosen components are on the surface. Artsy design is not among essential attributes of studio equipment and the bodies of the speaker systems are designed in strict formats without frivolous fuzziness. Three speakers are used in a three-way scheme. An impressive woofer with a paper diffuser has double system of coils and magnets and, in addition, a massive basket, due to that a very high accuracy and speed of its work are achieved and indexes of heat dispersion improve. Mid-range head with polymer membrane has an increased load capacity and provides clean response in all range. Dome tweeter made of aluminum-magnesium alloy can work out sounds beyond audibility that is commendable for a professional tool but unsuitable for practical use, if you are not bat. Two bass reflex ports are placed on the frontal plane of the body and this makes the installation of acoustics to a wall easy. Two potentiometers in each speaker system allow you to adjust the level of output signal in MF and HF sections that in the most of the cases gives the possibility to adjust under the acoustics characteristics of the room.

Studio monitor speakers are already sterilized at the stage of the calculations - there is only one criterion of their quality: minimal loses of information at playing a phonogram. When you realize that "wall of sound", exploding from the recording of your favorite metal band, is nothing else expect two guitars, one of which works with one effect pedal and the second one- with another, six-string bass plus subtly planted keys, the planet stops spinning for a moment. Essentially it turns out that the fewer compromises were made during the preparation of a track, the better it will sound when studio monitors are used in the role of speaker systems in stereo system. But not every music lover will agree to pick up the collection of recordings not to his taste but to the compatibility with equipment. However, of course, people are different - like music, living in their hearts. And it is quite possible that casting in lot with JBL Studio Monitor 4319, someone will get rid of rose-colored glasses of consumer dependence, changing it to watchful ocular of surgical microscope.

JBL Studio Monitor 4319 Floor standing speakers photo