JBL LX10 Floor standing speakers

The JBL LX10 is an American three-way bass-reflex loudspeaker system. Each speaker system is equipped with four drivers: a tweeter with an inch metal dome, a 145-mm midrange driver with a polymer cone and a pair of woofers, each 255 mm in diameter, conical cones of which are also made of polymer. The diameter of the section of the reflex port, placed on the back panel, is 110 mm. Judging by the characteristic of the input impedance modulus, the system is very loyal to the choice of an amplifier: the average value of the impedance modulus is 8.9 ohms, the nominal impedance is 5.2 ohms, the standard deviation of ±3.8 ohms, maximum (55 Hz) 24.1 ohms. The bass-reflex is tuned to a frequency of 30 Hz. The recommended power range of the amplifier is 10-250 W. The sensitivity of the speakers is high, almost 90dB. The speakers have impressive size (300x1165x340 mm), which can not but cause approval among fans of deep bass. In favor of the validity of these hopes is evidenced by at least a low-tuned bass-reflex with a vast radiating surface. However, large dimensions, as you know, complicate the problem of resonant disturbances of the cabinet panels: the speakers are eager to respond to tapping. True, one can feel that the front panel has a lot of rigidity. The high homogeneity of the field, provided by the loudspeaker in the horizontal plane, should be attributed to a significant achievement of the system developers. Representatives of the LX series, among other things, in our opinion, have a very solid size and obliging design, which will not fit into any interior.

The average frequency response irregularity in the range of 100 Hz-20 Hz in the LX10 speakers is low (± 2,0 dB). In this regard, it is not surprising that the favorable attitude to it of the participants of the audition. Not in the sense of bias, of course. All experts noted the good cohesion of sub-bands, their mutual balance and tonal correctness of interpretation of musical material. At the same time, the system retained a kind of expressiveness of the sound image. The high-frequency perspective opens up easily and gracefully, illuminating in detail the overtonal texture of the musical instruments. We notice many subtle details that form a fragile connection to the original. The sound is airy, the air is transparent and fresh. One must admit, however, that the feeling of freshness sometimes has a menthol undertone. The surge of sensitivity characteristic of tweeters with metal domes is beyond audibility, and we consider it to be completely harmless. The LX10's drivers do an exemplary job of handling the midrange correctly. The moderate "harmonics", which occupy the characteristic area from 300 to 900 Hz, probably owes its origin to the resonances of the cabinet. These fluctuations have almost no effect on the display of the male vocals; a slight freshening effect on the female voice can be noticed, but this task is already close to the problem of finding a black cat in a dark room... To be honest, we did not manage to feel the expected in the lower part of the depth range, but the organic connection of the bass with the middle frequencies and correctness in relation to the primary source leaves a very favorable impression. The system has good dynamics, provides panoramic sound: the image of the scene is stable, detailed and three-dimensional.

Price: $1159
JBL LX10 Floor standing speakers photo