Infinity Reference 61i Floor standing speakers

The Infinity Reference 61i is a three-way bass-reflex loudspeaker system, crowning the line of the popular American company's Reference series. The drivers are a one-inch dome tweeter, a 130mm midrange and two 210mm woofers with graphite-coated composite cone cones. Composite cone structure is formed by sintering Kevlar and carbon fibers using proprietary technology (ARG technology). Tweeter domes are made from the same material. The bands are separated at frequencies of 350 Hz and 3 kHz. Both bi-amping and bi-wiring connections are possible; the terminals are gold plated. The bass-reflex port is on the back panel. The characteristic of the input resistance module looks just like a reference: the average value is 5.8 Ohm, the nominal 3.6 Ohm, the standard deviation ±1.6 Ohm (the smallest in the tested set), the maximum (55 Hz) is 9.7 Ohm; the inverter is tuned to a frequency of 30 Hz. Any amplifier that meets the manufacturer's recommendations (35-200W) will work harmoniously with such a load. The sensitivity is very good - 91dB. Loudspeaker provides a very high homogeneity of the field in the horizontal plane. Responsibly, the developers approached the problem of damping the resonances of the enclosure. The system of internal struts increases the bending stiffness of the walls. The internal volume is well muffled by the absorber, and, moreover, the rear of the midrange driver is closed by a sealed casing. The speakers look good; the designers successfully coped with a difficult task: to make a pleasing to the eye meter formation with dimensions of 274x1070x310 mm.

The difference in the sound of the 61i from the 51i should be looked for in the lower register, as the "top" model has an additional low-frequency driver and an adequate increase in cabinet volume. It must be said that the positive effect of the transition from the 51i to the 61i is noticeable. The bass got developed in depth and became more severe, its distorting influence on the middle frequencies disappeared. Moreover, the interpretation of the low-frequency aspect was recognized by the experts as one of the most successful in the test. The system has no problems with dynamics. The space is organized in the best traditions of Hi-Fi: a convincing effect of presence is achieved.

Price: $1085
Infinity Reference 61i Floor standing speakers photo