Infinity Primus 300 Floor standing speakers

The relatively recently released Infinity Primus series is designed to cover a highly demanded price segment below that occupied by the Alpha line. The hierarchy of a small series consists of three classic models, a center channel speaker system and an active subwoofer. The appearance of the three-lane flagship Primus 300 is very attractive: a narrow high body, smooth lines of the facade, a harmonious color combination of panels and membranes. The case is not too heavy, but very rigid. In drivers designed specifically for the Primus series, CMMD branded ceramics have given way to proven fiberglass (carbon fibers): cones of twin woofers and a midrange placed in an isolated compartment are made from it. Even the textile dome of the tweeter, it seems, was not without reinforcing inclusions. Included are spikes.

Of course, before listening to any equipment, willy-nilly, a certain set of expectations is formed. In this case, this complex was based on the knowledge of the older line - more expensive and prestigious. It is clear that the younger one should have been weaker... However, the American couple was very surprised by the good dynamics and masterful ligature of natural timbres! Plus rare for the money purity of the sound image. The system has a balanced and honest sound without tonal accents, with the possible exception of plump basses a little pushed to the fore. The decisive advantage of the Primus 300 is the high fidelity of the overtone pattern, which the true audiophile in search of inexpensive "musical truth" cannot underestimate. At high frequencies, the Primus is more neutral than the representatives of Alpha, and at medium frequencies it is in no way inferior to it. And yet, in the lower middle, there is a certain potential barrier that prevents attempts to increase the volume excessively.

At a comfortable volume, the Primus 300 produces almost everything: classics, jazz, any instrumental, electronics, meaningful rock. The acoustic system is loyal to the small size of the listening room. Nice all-rounder.

Infinity Primus 300 Floor standing speakers photo