Castle Harlech Floor standing speakers

Castle Harlech - English two-way system with the original acoustic design. Speaker has three drivers: tweeter inch metal dome midrange and a pair of head diameter of 130 mm with polymeric conical diffusers. One of the conical speakers unexpectedly on the top panel. The inner space of the speaker is divided into two parts, the vertical panel. Adjoining the upper part volumes are independent exits through openings in the bottom of the speaker. Moreover, inside built yet and a diagonal wall, increasing the length of the waveguide. This configuration combines the properties of several types of acoustic design. Accumulated acoustic energy radiated through the slit channel between special support and the base of the housing. Harlech amplifier is perfectly acceptable load: the average absolute value of the input impedance of 13.1 ohms nominal - 6.3 ohms, the standard deviation of +/- 4,9 ohms, maximum (70 Hz) 24.4 ohms; frequency bands section - 2.5 kHz. You can connect the schemes biwiring and bi-amping. Amplifier power range of 25-150 watts. Sensitivity, according to our data, the low (84 dB). The field in the horizontal plane is sufficiently homogeneous. One of the advantages of traditional products Castle Acoustics, inherent and Harlech, is the excellent quality of finish of the natural veneer. In this case, the firm offers a variety of coatings. Dimensions of the speaker - 200x940x320 mm.

The sound quality of the arguments in the form of an exemplary frequency response to match the quality of finish speakers. Average flatness is ± 2,3 dB. The graph shows that the sensitivity of the tweeter for a few decibels higher sensitivity in the middle of the range. But any negative effects or noticeable imbalance, our experts did not notice. On the contrary, it was stated the exceptional quality of the high-aspect. Noted its high detail, expression, lightness, correctness, but not excessive or molestation. The results of the subjective examination removed all fears. Despite the low sensitivity of the system as a luxurious lady from the attention of the powerful amplifier literally blooms on lush dynamics of complex music programs ... Mid fits well with the top, as evidenced by the unanimous approval of the female vocals. Is informative male vocals. Clearly transmitted shock schedule, full of color and at the same time a detailed painting of string and wind instruments. The results of the listening, as well, and the measured frequency response, bass is in the evaluation of evidence of successfully implemented the acoustic design. Bass not only reach the depths of the organ, but also retain the architecture of the original source. Strictly monitored by the amplitude fluctuations, maintained the right flavor. In this case, swelling of the bass does not suffer secondary detail. This bass will appeal to those for whom value is unchangeable holistic uncompromising sound source. Space is three-dimensional sound image, details are solvable and well localized, and convincing illusion of presence.

Price: $1124
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