Castle Howard S3 Floor standing speakers

Castle Howard S3 - top floor standing model of Classic series is presented to be the third in succession version. Having kept the characteristic appearance, the Castle engineers have significantly reworked the design, introducing a number of significant improvements. For example, the tweeter received a 28-mm fabric dome and a pair of midrange drivers - 15-cm diffusers made of woven carbon fiber. It is interesting that one of the mid-basses is installed on the top panel - the solution aimed to optimize propagation of sound waves in a room. Acoustic design is not less interesting - this is a quarter-wave labyrinth with the output into lower part of the body, an optimal size of the gap is selected by the included spacers. The bodies are decently finished with natural wood veneer and the use of WBT acoustic terminals only emphasizes the elite status of the model.

The sound signature of the English pair Howard S3 is also highly original. In MIDs it sometimes shows audiophile refinement, but mid-bass attack in some cases may seem to be slightly weakened. Deep basses are presented with caution, a bit lightweight, but very neatly. Due to this reason timbres of some instruments may seem to be slightly brightened, devoid of required soundness. The tweeter showed high class too - its sound has enough necessary nuances and air components, forming the atmosphere. Sound stage deserves a separate mention: the distant plans are read quite confidently, but the sources with high spectrum are drawn slightly clearer than the rest.

Castle Howard S3 Floor standing speakers photo