Denon D-F88 Microsystem

Denon D-F88 is the result of the invasion of the mini to the area Hi-Fi, where were standard (19-inch) units previously. And it is not a set with a common power supply, but a set of high-grade units, which can operate autonomously (except a remote control). "Native" acoustics is included in the complete set that allows the buyer to feel and possibly understand the concept of developers in its entirety.

The system is based on integrated amplifier UPA-F88 with a minimal set of features: the traditional sounds, electronic selector of inputs, one pair of speakers, which can be switched off when inserting the headphone plug. Amplifier looks like a reduced PMA-1500; the width of the blocks in the complete set is 270 mm (11.6"). In this case, the output power is quite adequate for the size of the amplifier: 45 watts per channel at 4 ohms. Another thing is selector. Among the six inputs there is also an input of corrector of headshell, which are not available now in all large-amplifiers. The selector controlling is somewhat uncomfortable: selection of the right selector can be only by search in one direction. However, since all the blocks are combined by system bus, the choice of a remote control is more convenient: it is added the inclusion of an independent tuner and switching to the appropriate input during activation of a cassette deck record player.

Dual-band tuner UTU-F88 in the complex has a special role, as it contains a system timer. By the way, that's why it has three network sockets that connect other units on the back panel. Partition of functions of the tuner operation between the remote control and the front panel is determined apparently by design. The setting is possible from the remote control, and the panel, but switching to "mono" and "memo" mode is possible only from panel. But searching of fixed tuning (40) - only from the remote and it's clear why. The receiving of the majority of stations was confident. RDS signals are taken regularly.

CD-player UCD-F88, according to its functional equipment, meets the highest demands: playing in any mode, all kinds of time display and editing functions for recording on a tape. Cassette deck UDR-F88 is the sample, standard for models included in such complexes. Horizontal auto reversible deck, three types of tapes, sufficient set of various Dolby, counter, however, in arbitrary units, a level indicator and a recording level adjustment, which is a very rare in Minisystem.

Remote control is standard: we met the same in the mini-systems, and AV-receiver with countless buttons, but as always there is color highlighting on the Denon remotes as a useful complement.

2-way bookshelf acoustics SC-F88 is absolutely European. This is confirmed by the label on the back panel (made in Germany), and most importantly, by all its design: neat view with rounded edges of the body and a soft dome of tweeter. One question still arises: if it is set of one brand, why amplifier has screw clamps, but acoustics still has spring clamps. Back disposition of phase inverter port is aggravated by the relatively large depth: proper installation of acoustics have to be improved. Sounding of the acoustics in complete set was expected, quite smooth and extended bass harmonized with soft high sounds in a balanced manner. Transition on section was completely invisible. Perhaps low sounds may seem not deep enough, but what do you want from speakers of this size?

Price: $1500
Denon D-F88 Microsystem photo