Denon D-F109 Microsystem

The main structural difference between D-F109 is that the CD-player placed in a separate frame and there is another source - separate network streamer. Sale system is sold as a whole, or in parts, the combinations of receiver and CD-player or receiver and streamer are available. In general, you choose exactly what you need. Acoustics (SC-F109) is slightly larger than in previous model, but also two-way, with the same caliber drivers and phase inverter port, brought back (plug is available in a complete set). Despite a slight increase in volume, passport lower cutoff frequency remains the same - 45 Hz. But the power of the amplifier in the receiver DRA-F109 is slightly increased: 2 x 65 watts into 4 ohms at 0.7% distortion level.

All ingredients are combined in a coaxial cable, which is common for the whole system DAC, placed in the receiver. CD-player equipped with a digital output only - this explains its relatively low cost. The streamer DNP-F109 has an analog output, so it can be connected to the receiver by a digital mode, as well as by analogy. Another cable, which connects all the blocks, transmits the remote control signals on the receiver. The remote control is common for the entire system, and it is in a complete set of DRA-F109. The own additional remote control is only in streamer, and without it, the control of network record player becomes defective. In addition, there is a free application for iOS and Android - Denon Remote App, with the help of which, the work with the streamer becomes more convenient and visual, in particular, there is a function to display graphics when playing music.

USB-connectors are available in CD-player and streamer, portable Apple devices or flash drives with music can be connected to both, but the DCD-F109 only supports the playback mp3 and WMA files, but DNP-F109 - FLAC, WAV, AAC and ALAC, moreover with a resolution of up to 192 kHz/24 bit, and regardless of the content source - whether USB-drives or network servers.

Wi-Fi-adapter in streamer is built-in, antenna is internal. The device is connected easily to the drafting network, though between it and the router there are two concrete walls.

I start to listen to from CD. D-F109 plays obviously more interesting than D-M39: there is not a feeling of sterility; the sound became more dense and solid. Bass, of course, lacks depth, although the articulation is in full order. Subwoofer is obviously need here, but there are not problems to connect it.

Pass to the FLAC files and make sure that they sound more convincing than the same compositions on the CD; they sound equally well from USB-flash drive and from network. It is clear the quality advantage of the material in 192 kHz/24-bit.

Compared with the model D-M39 the sound is softer, more natural and realistic, the upper range is cleaner and more informative, and the lower one - clearer. The scene is compact, but focused. There is full order with playing energetically saturated genres, as there are power, dynamics and expression. But the sound of this system can be made more interesting due to replacing the speaker cables and adding a subwoofer. This is a true Hi-Fi, but compact and at a very attractive price.

Denon D-F109 Microsystem photo